6/5/2003 Chicago Theatre , Chicago, IL

   b  (5/29/2007 12:46:44 PM)

Yeah. So its been a long time, but here is a quicky shout out to Trey and his old crew: This show was slammin! Every review here is correct, this show demonstrates what Trey can do outside the constructs of the Phish from Vermont. I won`t go into individual songs but as a whole, this show is a good old fashioned balls to the wall rock show. Good times back in the day.

   Mike Vozza  (5/4/2005 9:47:04 PM)

Let`s be f**king real here kids. This show rules your face. The Way I Feel is played wet and gooey like, and the First Tube rages on for over 25 minutes. Even Phish never rocked First Tube like that.


   dankdiggler18hky  (1/12/2004 11:52:13 PM)

some of the phinest music I`ve ever heard, and ive seen phish over 80 times. And thats the way i feeeeeeeel! keeep it comin. Thank You

   Super Dude  (12/16/2003 11:05:13 PM)

When they broke into Last Tube, the balcony was shakin` but when they broke into Cayman, I thought the thing was going to collapse. It felt like an earthquake from all the dancing. This was a solid solid show. First Tube was a very special treat lasting as long as it did, and Night Speaks was absolutly mellow and groovy. This was a tight show from start to finish and a great way to kick off the summer! Keep it up Trey! The only request, what about some of the songs we all fell in love with in 2001 (Moesha, Actin the Devil, Tube Top and others)?

   seanaldi  (6/23/2003 3:49:55 PM)

Second night at Chicago Theatre kicked ass! What an amazing place to see a show, Black Dog was such a great song so sing with Jen`s powerful voice. It makes it so much better when you`re in the front row. (for all those people in the front row remember... Jen`s my favorite rockstar! ..haha whoever made those stickers that`s funny as hell.) How many of you out there can actually say that you gave Trey a high five because I did and that made my night a hell of a lot better.

   Christine  (6/8/2003 2:28:07 PM)

What an amazing show! I`ve been to a three or four TAB shows each time they tour for a few years now. This show in Chicago blew me away. The band members seem a lot more comfortable playing together and the music, in turn, is really starting to heat up. Definately listen to this show if you didn`t get a chance to go. The second set was rediculous! I was sure they were going to end the second set after First Tube but Trey just kept on playing more and more. The energy built up till you thought they couldn`t possibly top it, and then he`d start in on something even better. Truely, this is the best show I have been to in a long time. I feel blessed to be able to watch this band grow so quickly. Thank you Trey Band!

    Fieldson  (6/7/2003 10:26:53 AM)

This was my first trey show and i was amazed, the chemistry presented by the band was awsome along with everything else, the chicago theather was a sweet venue and i cant wait to see trey again

   Parker P.  (6/7/2003 10:19:31 AM)

This show was fuckin sick. from a 5 song incredible first set to an amazing second set. i mean the just whipped first tube out of nowhere
and the crowd went fuckin nuts. i thought that was the highlight of the show, 26 minutes of jamming. my pants were soakin at the end
of first tube. and how cool was it when the band marched through the crowd, and he danced with that girl, shes got a story to tell
this was my second trey show and i was not at all disappointed at all. cant wait to see phish this summer. peace

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