12/1/2003 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

   August west  (2/7/2017 10:58:29 AM)

Was on shuffle listening to this guyute..have to say that's one of best if not best post first hiatus guyute I've heard. In fact it's a lot better than some of the late pre-hiatus ones.

   sick show  (7/27/2016 10:59:30 AM)

Such a classic chalk dust torture followed by on of my fave stashes ever. Just great flow to this forsr set! Even placement of the rare thunderhead just works for me here after one of best 2.0 guyute and before an epic wolfmans.

   skunk 6  (7/22/2016 5:00:45 PM)

Maybe even going back farther ?

   skunk 6  (7/22/2016 4:59:57 PM)

Is that a bug tease at like 4:22 of song?

   skunk 6  (9/21/2015 1:20:44 PM)

Best of the 20th anniversary shows. One of hottest first sets you will find start to finish from 2.0 era that was more known for amazing second set jams(which I love). And this has one of those as well with a stellar-in-any-era 20 min tweezer > 2001with a positively stellar transition seque. This show also features one of the tightest good times bad times in livephish catalogue as well as topshelf CDT, stash, guyute, and amazing wolfmans. And don't shy away from the Holdsworth stuff. People who typically weren't there say it takes away from the show and musically might be slightly true but this IMHO is terribly overblown. After a galactic YEM with tribe chant vocal jam Jeff's part of the set starts out a tiny sloppy but by the end he is actually producing surprisingly productive rhythm fills in between trey and pages main lines. And I will never forget my memory of the end of the show after a couple simple covers Jeff was feeling pretty good I guess and he was maybe feeling like he could play with trey better than he thought and then they go I to Antelope and when trey starts soloing he look on Jeff's face was classsic. It just was like saying quite clearly "holy crap this guy is a guitar god and this is why I'm not in this band anymore "...lol. It seemed liked he was particularly blown away when trey went chromatic and if I remember correctly that was exactly what they argued about and ended his involvement in the band-it was a difference of opinion over treys penchant for chromatic and complicated chord charts etc. But even in antelope he played some admirable rhythm work. It was fun to say the least. Def like I said though this is best of the four shows they did by far IMO. The fleetcenter looks nice on paper but everyone I know that went to both prefers the highlights of this one. Also forgot to say it was snowing badly before during and after this show and as usual the Pepsi arena parkibg garage across the street with the police in the bottom level where you could hear nitrous nonstop and yet that garage was the craziest party scene ice ever seen in. A parking garage! Always like that there. And in an parent nod to the snow the band played a toasty fire to send us off Into the white abyss of a blizzard for the evenings encores. Good memories.

   residentcentral  (11/3/2010 12:44:18 AM)

man, i was there. no doubt, on the beer line when chalkdust kicked in, and i said to the guy next to me, watch out, this is going to be different. well, the first set was killer, including a wolfman that was both unexpected and severely welcomed. the second set, capped by a YEM ive never heard before, and ive heard it 7 times, was the mother of it all...the good times/bad times first set closer was tight as hell and all in all was the best show ive been to...the best was walking up 787 afterward in a t-shirt, just trying to get home, i wound up in the bad part of town, whereby a good fellow told me, "man you outta place, you get killed...ill walk you home, you must be freezin'..."and across henry johnson blvd. we went, stride for stride...

   CTPHANJJP  (6/23/2009 2:42:45 PM)

I was at this show... 19th row even! I was happy to have the feeling that I caught the two best shows of the aniversery run the next day after reading Boston's set lists... (Nassua was the other) I think the possum w/ Jeff was the high light for me! Even the 2 hour ride home and work at 7:00 am could not bring me down from that! I still feel very lucky to have caught this show!

   wolfmansCousin  (3/6/2009 7:04:17 PM)

I was at this show and all the pepsi shows and this one was soooo dope! Camel walk threw fire with Holdsworth was just insane. Light show as usual there was the best! I'd like to see all the pepsi shows make it on this site especially the 97/98 etc.. they were all killer!

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