4/30/2005 SUPERJAM: State Palace, New Orleans, LA

   meilimel  (11/16/2005 9:59:45 AM)

Trey, the best I`ve seen is when you`re fall down Good. You sink in the water, but you`re walkin` on wood.

   MATT  (9/19/2005 2:11:33 PM)

Someone traded me a floor ticket for my 1st balcony ticket straight up. I was the best spot in the house. In my picture of Dave Matthews, you can see his nose hairs. It was cool sitting on the stage, burnin` during the set break. For those of you that weren`t there, everyone I spoke to after and during the show thought it was phenomenal. I didn`t want to see Trey take a back seat to anyone, but it was definitely cool listening to him make music with all the guests. I`ll never forget the balcony bouncing during Sneaking Sally. I thought everyone was going to die, but I didn`t care, `cause that would be the way to go out! Driving back, I was thinking about Mike thumping the bass during Sneaking Sally, and their duet of Old Habits, and I got really choked up. I`ll go see Trey anywhere, with anyone, anytime I can, but seeing Mike with him reminded me how devastated I am over the break up. Anyhoo, this show was great, and I have been enjoying the downloads for quite a while already. TREY...please come to south Florida!!! You already got all my money and vacation days.

   Kurt  (5/27/2005 6:25:32 AM)

I have been a fan since jimmy cracked corn (if you get my drift). This show was very special to me and i think the band played very well. In the Light was a nice surprise for me - a new flavor given to a very deep message. i think everybody did tighten up near the end of the first set (as most musicians seem to do) and the second was very good. Timing was on and the sound opened up during the second set. I especially enjoyed hearing mike and trey wrap their notes again ( i was also heartened to not only see mike at hammerstein, but hear him again too). For me, the deepest, best musical experience was 46 days; It set me way out there, got me thinking about peak oil production ( its here folks!!! :-O) and the nature of life on this rock. To me, the greatest test of a band is how far they can get my mind to travel. This show showed me that these guys can take me where i want to go. Only downside was no Jen for "night Speaks". I love that..
Thanks for everything.

   L Samuels  (5/21/2005 11:14:12 AM)

trey`s new band has potential but the first set does suck. the show doesnt get good until mike comes out, and dave is defintly not performing his best because you can tell that he is drunk. treys singing is not that great either, decent show but probably not worth buying

   McCabe  (5/20/2005 2:15:12 PM)

I loved the show. It was great to see Mike and Trey again together. I thought that it was really emotional to see Mike and Trey singing Old Habits to each other. I will always remember the balcony flexing in sneakin’ Sally through the Alley. Mike’s energy had the place going nuts. One of the best shows that I have seen in a long time.

   Dave L. from KY  (5/19/2005 11:36:21 AM)

Phish phan since My first show in 1993 in Nashville on a side stage (because they could sell enough tickets in the amph) at Verizon (aka Starwood Amph) and probably seen them 20 or so times since including NYE 1995. After the final break up, total Drama, I have been super interested in Trey’s next move. All I can say is Trey, what the hell are doing man. You have this great band before with phish and your other side band with all the horns and then now this Rock band. Grant it I was not at this show but listening two it and about 5 other shows from this tour I have to question the dynamics of the band. I mean I like what I hear for the most part. They have improved this tour since the apology for being on vacation days before the tour with little rehearsal. I guess what I am saying is this 70 Volt Parade is good but there not going to be Phish. I’m listening to the second set (for the second time) right now and the energy increases when Mike steps on stage! I think everything went down hill after Vegas when Trey played terrible and everybody raved about what crap that run was. He then wrote his note and breaks the band up. Drama Drama Drama. Why couldn’t he have played this material with phish. No one said you had to YEM for the rest of your life Trey. Ah crap I’m just ranting. This band has promise but why end Phish. Play a hand full of shows twice a year or something. Drama! I just have to except, I think we all do, that Phish is over. Try to wipe the slate clean and see what happens and try not to keep comparing. I’m going to suck it up and keep listening to my 70 VP downloads and like it. Mush on 70 volt parade!!! My 2 cents.

Ps I’ll still day dreaming of the reunion tour. I think the May 14 is the best from this run!

   Camping Kimmah  (5/16/2005 12:34:21 AM)

Trey`s voice at State Palace sounded GREAT...I`m so happy he`s (or at least it sounded like it) practicing. 2 songs in the 1st set were buzzkillers!!! Come as melody is a terrible song with 80` "hair band" overtones...I have not spoken with a single Phan who`s heard (that I know personally) that liked it. there was another song in the first set that I hope he tosses. You couldn`t dance to it. I noticed one guy STOMPING to it with his fist in the air.....BUT the second set rocked the Palace. It is unfortunate the Trey played practically the same (first) set at Jazzfest 14 hours later :(... Trey and Mr. Neville`s duo at Jazzfest was AWESOME!!!!!

   Thank Goodness this is Available  (5/13/2005 9:33:05 AM)

I traveled from San Diego for JazzFest and I must say this was the highlight of the festival. I find it odd that someone would actually make comments about their inability to move beyond Phish and put the beat down on this show. From the balcony bouncing to the chaos getting home, it was well worth the trip from the Left Coast. Money download.....!

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