5/13/2005 Hammerstein Ballroom , New York, NY

   sasha  (6/5/2015 9:05:30 AM)

Great show

   axilla  (11/20/2008 11:57:50 AM)

Good show. Not sure why it doesn;t show up among the list of all shows anymore.

   phishingroovin  (8/3/2005 4:01:23 PM)

WOW, I am completely amazed! this show is soooo sick! The way I feel has a very Jimi hendrix sound to it with a rocking black sabbath tease. The covers he did were perfect. seven beatles songs, a led zeppelin song, peter gabriel, David Bowie, all are awesome. I was so completely upset when phish broke up thinking I`d never be happy again, but honestly 90% of the phish shows on site i have downloaded & this is one of the best downloads I`ve ever gotten off this or any other sight. Its so good to hear these great new songs from trey, I love all the new music. Now if we could only convince the fab 4 that there could be both phish and solo projects we would all be happy. Come on trey you can spare 1 month a year to tour as phish and make us all happy.

   Kurtis  (6/16/2005 9:30:50 AM)

It was my first trey show with my friend and what agreat introduction into the live music of trey. althought hte opener wasn`t too good trey quickly made up for it.

   Harry The Hood  (6/15/2005 9:30:26 AM)

I missed the second night but was there on the 13th. My friend and his fiance and I jsut walked into the venue when we heard Trey noodling before Night Speaks. What a friggin` opener and the whole night the balcony, and the floor too, was just pumping with energy! It was a site to see and feel, the venue was vibrating. Great song selection and Come as Melody is fantastic. What a great tune, hints of Reba and Guyute but fresh and new. Trey`s definitely going to be around for a while. Look forward to seeing more shows now! Groove on....

   VERNIXX  (5/31/2005 1:50:39 PM)

The rebirth/reinvention has begun! Proof is in GOODBYE HEAD as well as the ABBEY ROAD encore. What a tour...what a two night stand. I can`t wait to see the 70 VOLT band. Now get down to the Southwest and play some shows, guys! It`s been a while, Trey.

   Kismet  (5/31/2005 10:24:13 AM)

This show was killer! The Night Speaks opener was incredible, everyone in there knew it was going to be a good show when Trey in the first phreakin song was bouncin up and down. I looked over at my uncle and we both simultaneously said, "This is gonna be a great night." Sure enough it was, 46 Days is a favorite of mine and boy did he rock that. Not too mention the trippy Space Oddity or the fact Tom Marshall was behind me, or that encore which blew everyone away. I love Abbey Road. Great show and it has me pumped for even bigger and better things to come! Keep playin the music Trey!

   sideshow  (5/26/2005 1:20:41 PM)

I was front row for this show. Man...what a night. What I liked about this show was how non-nostalgic it was. No phish tunes, no phish guests (gordo was sweat the next night though) It is good to see Trey look away from that for a while.

This show rocked...This band is perfect for trey...much less structure than the old crew. This is just a band with a kick-ass guitarist. Trey sounds like he`s having a great time...during the jazzy slow jam during Cayman Review, trey was flirting with a cute photagrapher trying to snap a shot of him in action...fun stuff.

There were a lot of covers here...but Abbey Road? My favorite Guitarist playing my favorite Beatles album in my city...doesn`t get much better.

see ya at bonnaroo and zooma trey


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