Mp3 only?  (10/3/2011 6:08:52 PM)

Why is this available as mp3 only/

I can painfully hear the limits of mp3, and the songs on this album are impressive to the point that I am interested in getting a higher quality download of this one.

From live material I've heard, these are some of the best songs Trey has written in years. He had a definite vision for his art at that time, and the CD really seems to work. I wonder how the greater release might sound.

Can you get a better quality download from itunes?

   Bosco 057  (3/11/2011 9:00:07 AM)

O.K., I know I'm super late on this but after reading these other posts I just couldn't help myself. Everyone that liked this album has left me scratching my head. Over all I find this album to be an over produced, under written effort at Trey proving to himself that he is o.k. without Phish. It comes off as self absorbed and on the whole I consider it tripe and I have been a HUGE Trey fan for over 15 years! Did anyone read that relix article where he throws Page under the bus? Now that I have written this, of course, Phish is back together and as good as ever and Trey is lookin' and soundin like himself again. I just can't escape the fact that this record will always remind me of darker days. Thanks for comin' back to us Trey, we missed ya! I would also like to say that Come as Melody is the lone shining light on this record. It may be the best tune Trey has written for his solo band. Wish phish would try it. Sorry to sound like a bitter old man.

   Spartacus  (5/22/2007 6:44:05 AM)

The last post was the gayest thing I have ever read in my life...No wonder Phish is gone, these post hiatus, scenester, 12 year old kids like BOUNCIN JAMZ contributed to the "Scene" aspect of Phish`s demise. Go to an OAR show u kook.

   bouncin jamz  (9/15/2006 10:03:04 PM)

This is the best phish jam since bouncin` my favorite song is Love is Freedom that tune is so heady I love the part where he talkes about Love is Freedom and plays those chords I`m glad phish is still together this is probably there best studio album yet

   BobB  (9/5/2006 8:21:32 AM)

It`s very hard for me to objectively review this album, as good as it is. The fact remains that it was Trey that effectively ended one of the greatest bands of all time, and I have a hard time forgiving him for that. We all know that Page, Mike and Jon would have, and wanted to, continue. I appreciate that Trey is trying to branch out, express his creativity, try new sounds. Most of the time, it succeeds here. It IS good stuff, especially `Mr. Completely` and Trey`s daughter`s composition, `Goodbye Head`, is charming. But Trey could have done stuff like this and STILL continued on with Phish, and I just cannot bring myself to catch one of his solo shows knowing that Phish could still be out there tearing up the stage. Call it a boycott, if you will. Oh well...some of you may feel differently, and some may even appreciate that Trey has moved on. Myself, I still feel very hurt by the whole thing and the promise of what could have been.

   glenn  (2/24/2006 11:08:20 AM)

I haven`t heard this yet, but loved Alive Again so I`ll get this, listen and post my review later

   Tom  (1/24/2006 12:39:27 AM)

Keep rocking on Trey. Don`t let anyone turn you of course. Everything happens for a reason. The new album is more inspirational to me than any new music I have heard in a long time, so something is working for you. Thank you and keep it up. Thank you so much!! Tom

   Tom  (1/24/2006 12:30:33 AM)

I think Trey poured his heart and soul into this album. It`s the most emotional writing I have heard from him in a long time. My first listen I wasn`t to sure, but if you need to listen to what he is saying. He is laying the last twenty years of his life on line line and saying fuck it. I admire him for the album and have more respect for him now than before, and trust me I respected him before. All the more power to you my friend!! Bring back Phish in about 15 years under the name Pillow Fight. Who would go see a band with four dudes named Pillow Fight. Nice and low key. I`m just having fun. Thanks for everything.

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