6/25/2006 JAS Festival, Aspen, CO

   the best  (8/8/2011 8:52:04 PM)

The best Trey show, period. Sound, energy, everything. A must have. Thanks Trey.

   Nice!  (5/22/2007 3:39:01 PM)

Spectacular sound. More please!

   Nate Frawg  (8/13/2006 3:55:23 PM)

The most important feature of this recording is the sound quality. It`s much better than a lot of the other Trey Band downloads from livephish, which sound flat. The quality of this recording is the same as the phish recordings from summer `04. It`s a solid performance, regrettably not one I`ve seen, nevertheless a good representation of what Trey is doing these days. If he`s not going to release every show, and why the hell not I can`t understand, it`s a good substitute. Some powerful guitar here.

   BCdude  (7/30/2006 8:03:09 PM)

Wow, thanks for posting this one. The sound is very good, and doesn`t sound flat like some of the other boards on here. I wish the TABernacle shows had been posted on LP, but I`ll take this one, it is a good document of the energy and excitement that Trey is playing with these days. This band is by far the best Trey solo band we`ve seen since May `99.

   Jody   (7/23/2006 1:35:04 PM)

First off, Thank you Trey and the Band for coming all the way to Aspen! It made my year. Thank you Livephish for letting us download this show. I was very excited that you picked this show to put on livephish. Many thanks! The show was rockin Hot! One of my favorite parts in the show was Invisible-Brian and Robert-waste. I all ways love it when Trey slows it down a bit. Jennifer and Christina sounded like Angels. I danced the boots off my Dragonfly. Come back and see us real soon Trey. We miss ya already!

   antelopemd  (7/18/2006 9:21:20 AM)

Great show. The band had a very jazzy sound tonight. Loved it. The Night Speaks raged and the Mud City is the precurser to the monster we got at Hotlanta GRAB.

I LOVE "A Case of Ice and Snow." It`s a mesmerizing, soulful tune that reminds me of Dark and Down, not musically of course, but in the emotion it brings forth.

   firstube  (7/8/2006 4:54:07 PM)

First of all, I would like to say "Thanks!" to everyone at Live Phish for making these shows accessible to all of us, it`s appreciated beyond words. I unfortunately now have a job that doesn`t allow me to get to as many shows as I once did & listening to these during my daily commute makes the whole situation far more tolerable, (actually enjoyable) so again, thank you. With that said, I really wish I had attended this show. being surrounded by the beauty of Aspen as well as the kind community that inhabits it, the chilled out vibe was inevitable. "Drifting" as the open totally set the stage for the night. "Sand" & "Jibbo" always bring in the funk, but the band totally smoked on "Night Speaks". All in all, this band is sounding pretty sweet, so I`ll keep on jammin` & hoping for a return to Alpine in "07! Cheers.

   chase  (7/8/2006 7:22:06 AM)

I miss phish greatly but if trey must be on his own he should at least play `the way i feel` every show and keep the pop singing two about 2 minuts per song. I was 3rd row in aspen and the man reguardless of the negative opinions out there, he can really just stroke that guitar like no other. so ill be alright, but if phish ever gets over themselves i will be at the first show with a sign saying "im sorry i ever talked shit guys" your the best

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