12/30/2019 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

   The helping friendly book  (2/1/2024 8:30:52 PM)

This show perfectly represents phish. The first set starts off playful and fun with a lot of shorter songs(besides blaze on) with a few bust outs. Then they get to the second set and they get to business immediately with that killer tweezer. Then that ruby waves and steam. Then the set ends with slave which perfectly tops it off. This show represents the playful side of phish and the jam side of phish.

   James  (1/4/2024 5:29:42 AM)

This tweezer hit me in the head with a pan. I screamed

   pharndog  (7/13/2020 4:07:09 PM)

From Relix 7/11/20 Trey said: “The other day, someone click-baited me toward the Dec. 30 “Tweezer” from Madison Square Garden last year, and I watched it. I don’t watch a lot of live Phish, but I watched this. There was a very long jam and, somewhere around 13 or 14 minutes, it went into this quiet segment and, as I was watching this thing, I thought I physically saw the band members vanish. Phish has played in that room so many times. It was the night before New Year’s and it was just so comfortable and unified.”

   synchro19  (3/9/2020 11:44:51 AM)

This show holds up impeccably well on several replays. The Tweezer is an all-timer, but so is the rest of set 2...as well as the Blaze On in set 1. The opening Wilson is a lovely nod to the 25th anniversary of Phish's first appearance at MSG (12/30/94) and the delicately played Corinna seems to be a nod to the 20th anniversary of Big Cypress. A truly epic night from late-era Phish, the best show of 2019, and one of the absolute best 3.0 shows. My personal favorite night of Phish since the transcendent Magnaball festival. Well worth the purchase (obviously).

   Derek Wayne  (1/27/2020 10:52:45 PM)

The 12/30 (N3) show was extra special - the 2nd set was a mind bender that started out with ‘arguably’ the best Tweezer ever. We didn’t know what side was up or down by the end of the night! Phantastic again!

   ishy  (1/20/2020 12:52:05 AM)

Wee-wave amongst the steam, wee-wave into the light, ouch the pan, pain can be forgiven by the rock and roll of music!!

   James Espo   (1/4/2020 6:21:31 PM)

2nd Ruby waves ??

   Check, Check, and Check.   (1/2/2020 5:40:26 AM)

46 Days Blaze On Mike's Groove RUBYTWEZDAY SLAVE are all beyond the Pale. It's these nights that are unexplainable? It's these nights that keep me coming back... WE can only do THIS every so often? Other than numbers as in the date 2019-12-30 there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to it? Maybe energy from memory of this date past? When IT happens it's always something I know is quite a fleeting moment, a rare and WONDERFUL connection to experience in this life. I am always extremely grateful for the experience I've been given to join in the groove. This connection between the US goes wonderfully haywire, and boom we find ourselves deep in the Caverns of a Rubytweezday or 1997-12-06 Twebella, Tahoe Tweezer 2013-07-31, Diseezer1996-11-.27, Dallas Tweefest 1994-05-07... are obviously only Tweezer highlighted evenings THIS HAPPENED TO US (although Tweezer is a part of an extraordinary amount of great shows IMHO) MANY TIMES. There are so many more... Anyway, this one was special, this Tweezer is just the Cat's Meow! PS Will 1996-11-27 (Hendrix Birthday in hometown Seattle, Diseasezer, etc.) ever be released?

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